humbble is structured as a research lab and a design studio in order to develop innovative solutions, while at the same time creating valuable knowledge that can be multiplied through select partnerships.

research-driven laboratory  
In our laboratory we develop places of exemption in offices, schools, public buildings, residential buildings and the public realm, focusing on the poetic experimenting with typologies, program, building methods and materiality.

We believe in the power of uncertainty and use it as a nimble force to go beyond what is expected or what we expect for that matter. Our laboratory projects always start from a place of not-knowing, exploring hunches and challenging the status quo.

content-driven architecture studio  
In our studio we actively focus on strengthening and establishing mixed places of (co)-habitation that provide identity & social cohesion.

Through architecture we focus on the application of conscious, well-debated, high-quality design to all building and landscaping activities, ensuring that cultural values are placed center-stage and human, social and cultural needs are satisfied. Our residential projects start from a place of experience, guiding a network of specialists, and coordinating synthesis: between the perspectives of experts and the interests of stakeholders, combining innovation and durability.