Philippe Morel°1982︎

architectural design
co-founder humbble

Responsible for leading the architectural design of the projects in the laboratory and the studio

My belief focusses heavily on the architectural métier as a craft to give something tangible back to society. In times of loss of quality in both the built and open landscapes, we recognize the crucial contribution a high quality architectural environment has in order to achieve the right quality of life and sense of belonging. The aim therefore is to design thoughtful, rational and poetic architectural work that has the ability to work as an identifier for communities.

Prior to founding humbble, Philippe served as a design responsible at the architecture office of Stéphane Beel (BE). Other experiences include internships and collaborations in the offices of Peter Zumthor (CH), Claudio Silverstrin (IT), Archea Associati (IT) and Robbrecht&Daem (BE).
Philippe holds a master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Design from KU Leuven – LUCA school of Arts, Ghent.

Since 2019, Philippe is assistant architectural design in the first bachelor Engineer-Architect at KU Leuven.

Wim Vandendriessche°1986︎

architectural strategy
co-founder humbble

Responsible for guiding the architectural strategy in both the projects and the office as a whole

My design attitude is heavily rooted in a research towards architectural positions and how different (architectural) roles are slowly changing the current building reality. I work in a constant state of negotiation about the project between the client, the program of demands, the architectural designer, the government and other stakeholders, therefore guiding meaningful (architectural) design and designers to implementation by dealing with their inherent complexities.

Prior to founding humbble, Wim served as a team- & projectmanager for large scale residential urban developments and responsible for Business Development at the architecture office of Stéphane Beel (BE). Wim holds a master’s degree in Explorative Architectural Design from KU Leuven – LUCA school of Arts, Ghent.

In 2020 Philippe and Wim founded ‘BKLTR’  a non-profit collaborative work- and event space that promotes and advocates a high quality Baukultur through project labs and micro-lectures.