︎Urban Brussels, Curator of Archiweek 5-13 oct. 2020 icw. Traumnovelle and Katja Truijen, ongoing, competition 1st prize︎Maleizen, Town center development of 48 units, 2019, ongoing, competition 1st prize︎BKLTR, Office floor refurbishment Ghent, 2020, ongoing︎Schommelstraat, Feasability study for a single family house with hybrid program, 2020, ongoing︎Holstraat, Feasability study for a single family house, 2020, ongoing︎Aartselaar, Development strategy of a socio-cultural campus in Aartselaar icw. Advisers and Jan de Moffarts Architects, 2020, competition 2nd prize︎Residentie Bergamo, Feasability study for the renovation of an apartment building, 2020, ongoing︎ Ravenstein BXL, Feasability study for renovation of a public gallery, 2020, on hold︎Residentie Peter, Feasability study for the renovation of an apartment building, 2020, ongoing︎Kaprijke, Design proposal for social 21 housing units, 2020, competition︎Blauwe Regen, Masterplan for development of quarter Savelkoul icw. Advisers, 2020, ongoing ︎Scheldekaai, Single family house, 2020, ongoing︎Blauwe kiosk Ghent, Design proposal for a public pavilion, 2020, competition︎RZ Tienen, Conceptual design for a hospital building icw. Detoo and M4 Architects, 2020, competition︎Feasability study of the preliminary school ‘de Triangel’ for ‘promising designers for the city of Ghent’, 2020, competition 2nd prize︎UGENT 2050, Study assignment for spatial development and process management for Spatial Masterplan 2050 icw. Advisers, Common Ground and Bopro, 2019, competition︎Lübeck, Masterplan for depot Lübecksite Gent icw. Atelier Romain and Tides, 2019, competition︎ Wijkstructuurschetsen, Design framework for spatial development on long and middle-long term icw. Atelier Romain and Endeavour, 2019, competition︎Afrikalaan, Typological research of groundbound housing for ‘promising designers for the city of Ghent’, 2019, competition 2nd prize︎Bellefleur, Feasability study for reconversion of a textile factory, 2019, completed︎GUM, Interior development Ghent University Museum icw. scenographer Koen Bovée, 2019-2020, competition 1st prize, completed︎Sleihage, Urban design study social housing icw. Kollektif, 2019, competition 2nd prize︎Showpad, Office floor refurbishment 5th Floor Ghent, 2019-2020, completed︎ Estate of mind, Feasability study for a student house Hoogstraat Gent, 2019, completed︎Yves, Single family house, 2019-2020, completed